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Sad to say that Vicki's Nylons closed down a couple of years age. The horrible economy, unemployment, and major cost increases for our products finally got to us. If you were one of our customers, we thank you and hope you enjoyed what we carried.
The business is closed, but the model is still modelling!!!
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Glamour Photography, Fully Fashioned Nylons, Bullet Bras, Wasp Waisted Corsets, Ballet Boots, Bikinis and more!!
Samantha's pics start in the 1950's, when women dressed like women should. Mini skirts, Nylons, Spike Heels and more ---
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- Vicki at age 73 -

- Nice Bikini -

- Pic says it all!!! -

-Vicki on her 72nd birthday -
- Nylons, 1950's Style Lingerie, Bullet Bras and More -
We salute all of our Men and Women in our Armed Forces, wherever they may be. Be safe!!

- March, 2010 -
“A woman in a corset is a lie, a falsehood, a fiction, but for us,
this fiction is better than the reality”

- My first REAL corset, custom made in Hong Kong -

- Lace up boots, FF nylons, shelf bra, and latex gloves -

- Corset, nylons, balconette shelf bra, and a smile!! -
- Glamour at its best!! -

- Nice Hat!!! -
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